When filling out this application, please keep in mind that it may seem like alot of questions to answer, but we have given alot of love for these precious animals, and we want to know they are going to a good home.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Pet Adoption Application Form

  • Please Read and The Following Terms:

    All Pets adopted out have been spayed or neutered, received their core vaccinations, and have been Feline Leukemia and FIV tested. Any non-core vaccines are up to the owner to pursue with their veterinarian. If approved, a non-refundable adoption fee of $150.00* will be required. *If adopting multiple animals, the fee becomes $125.00 per animal.*

    I am aware and prepared that a yearly exam, vaccines, and flea/tick/heartworm prevention can cost an average of $400 a year, or more in some cases. Kittens and puppies need vaccines and deworming that can cost an average of $100 a month for the first 4 months in your care.

    We consider the adoption of any Pet to be a life-long commitment of time, affection, money, patience, and responsibility.

  • In order to be considered as an adopter, you must:
    ● Be at least 18 years of age
    ● Have a picture ID showing your present address
    ● Have the knowledge and consent of your landlord as applicable
    ● Understand that we have the right to verify any information on this application, including property check and a veterinary check
    ● Have the knowledge and consent of all adults living in your household
  • Personal Information:

  • Housing

  • Pet Information:

  • Please include: Name/Breed, Cat/Dog/Other, Spayed/Neuter, Kept indoors/outdoors, Age, Still Own, If no longer own, what happened to them.