Fuzz Fuzz

Species:  Cat
Breed:  Domestic Long hair
Age:  2 years 8 months
Gender:  Female
Size:  Medium
Color:  Black & White
Spayed:  Yes
Declawed:  No
Housetrained:  Yes
Vaccinated:  Yes
Microchipped:  No

Fuzz Fuzz (aka Tin can) has been in foster care the longest.  Her timid nature isn’t what most potential cat parents would be looking for, but if given the chance, Fuzz could be a very loving kitty.  

She was found in a trash can with a tin can stuck on her head. She did not get to spend as much time with humans as some cats get to, so she is often scared by loud noises and fast movements. She is oh so sweet, she gets alot with her foster family just fine. She would need that certain patient loving human to give her the best home 🙂

2 Sisters (timid but can be lovable in the right home)


Female (spayed)


Female (spayed)

Pickles & Frito are the last of the group to be adopted.  We had captured 8 kittens on a farm and with alot of love and attention from the staff, the kittens have grown to be happy and loving kitties.  All but these 2 orange sisters got adopted out.  We would like to see these two girls go together.  


Female (spayed)

Olive is a nice mama cat.  She might be suited in a home that has only one other cat, or perhaps a dog, as she has a strong personality.  Humans found her coming up their porch only to discover she was pregnant, and rather then her give birth outside, we provided a nice safe space for her little to be born.  Her babies are the grey kittens below.  

3 brothers & 1 sister



Whisper has such a loving personality, she is definitely one of a kind.  She does this thing, where if she wants something like treat, a fly on the wall, or to be picked up, she will balance herself on her back legs and put her front paws together as if she is clapping or praying.  Its so so adorable.  There is a video on our facebook page.  


Male (neutered)

Teaser isn’t really a tease, he is a love bug.  When he’s not running around having fun, he enjoys nothing more then to curl up next to you and makes himself comfortable on your chest or your lap.  If you can imagine where ever Teaser goes, Peanut is sure to follow.  So both your hands will get a work out petting these two cuddle brothers.  


Male (neutered)

Peanut got his name because he was the runt of the litter and when he was old enough to walk, he looked like a little peanut coming down the hallway.  He is often times doing whatever his brother, Teaser is doing so they hang out alot.  Which makes it hard to tell them apart.  Very affectionate cat and sure to lap kitty. 


Male (neutered)

Rufus is a gem all on his own.  He loves affection and whenever I find myself getting comfortable to watch some TV, there is Rufus ready to lay on my chest or in my lap, wanting some chin scratches.  He does this purring, salivating thing, where you can tell he oh so happy, he couldn’t possibly be happier.  Which is why I think he salivates, (not alot), if he could kiss you, he would.

Olive’s (4 grey) kittens:  What is neat is that we know exactly what day these kittens were born which was Aug 26, 2020 at approx. 11 AM.  (Photo record of them being born).  They all grew up knowing & playing with other cats and learning all about the human parents that helped birthed them.  If possible it would super nice to have them be adopted out as pairs, as they do like to cuddle with each other and play together.  

George & Luna (mother)


Male (neutered)

Luna (mom)

Female (spayed)

George is the last of his litter mates to be adopted, along with Luna (George’s mother).  These little angels were found near a ditch on the side of the road by one of the caring Heavenly Hound members and was brought in were they found love and a warm place to sleep & eat.  


1.  Fill out our Pet Adoption Application (click here).
2.  Call to make an appointment to meet with lovely animal you are interested in.  
3. Head home with your new furry angel

What to bring
A current driver’s license (you must be over 18 years of age to adopt)
Necessary fees for adoption
Appropriate carrier for a cat or leash if you are adopting a dog

Adoption Fees
Kittens & Cats – $150  ($125 each if adopting out 2)

All Pets adopted out have been spayed or neutered, received their core vaccinations,  and have been Feline Leukemia and FIV tested.

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Gallery of Adoptable Angels that now have Forever Homes!

All the kitties below all found homes thanks to the loving staff here at Coastal Veterinary.  Each one found their way to us in need of assistance and we helped to find them a loving home with humans to care for them.  Each a unique story that continues with “happily ever after”.