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Coastal Veterinary Welcomes Our New Online Pharmacy Covetrus.

Coastal Veterinary welcomes Covetrus (formally Vets First Choice), our new online pharmacy as of Monday, June 10, 2019.  Covetrus is an online pharmacy that you can TRUST as they purchase their products directly through the manufacturer, the same way in which Coastal Veterinary purchases their products used in our facility.  We will be phasing out our existing online pharmacy, Vetsource, in the coming months.

Online pharmacies have made it easier and are often less expensive for you, our valued client, to purchase your pet’s medications.  Our #1 priority at Coastal Veterinary is getting you safe and effective medication from a trusted and guaranteed source. Covetrus is a reputable online pharmacy who we have researched and have now partnered with.  

  • Covetrus offers rebates, coupons, and FREE* expedited shipping right to your door.
  • By using Covetrus, we can easily integrate your prescriptions with your pet’s medical records.  
  • Covetrus allows us to efficiently refill medications that your pet may be on long term. This includes monthly heartworm preventatives, flea and tick products, thyroid, cardiac, anti-inflammatory/pain medications, as well as daily supplements and diets (maintenance and/or prescription).
  • In the event that your pet experiences any adverse reaction to a product that has been purchased directly through Coastal Veterinary or through Covetrus, please notify us. Our manufacturers stand behind the products we sell.   Coastal Veterinary can not guarantee products purchased through other online pharmacies such as, 1-800-PetMeds,, etc.

Authorizations for online pharmacy requests other than Covetrus:

  • Coastal Veterinary will NO LONGER authorize prescription requests from online pharmacies other than our own.  If you still prefer to use an online pharmacy other than Covetrus, the veterinarians at Coastal Veterinary will provide you with a written prescription which can be picked up at the reception desk.   We appreciate your patience in advance as we transition through this online pharmacy policy change.

You may have already received an introductory coupon from Covetrus via email.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding online ordering, or our new policy concerning authorizing other online pharmacy requests.  We appreciate your patience as we move forward in transitioning Covetrus as Coastal Veterinary’s new online pharmacy.

Please visit Coastal Veterinary’s new online pharmacy Covetrus on our website at or through direct link

*Certain restrictions for shipping do apply (compounded medication, insulin, and special care products)