FOR DOGS & CATS – Annually


(Please bring in a fecal sample with you to your annual wellness exam)

Fecal checks for the presence of intestinal worms and other parasites. Some of these parasites can be a risk to your family if not treated and will also cause gastrointestinal disease in your pet.   


Pets may appear healthy, but we find blood abnormalities even in young to middle age animals.  As animals age, they are prone to many of the same diseases aging humans experience – diabetes, kidney and liver disease, heart disease, cancer, or thyroid disease.  Regular blood testing allows us to diagnose these illnesses early.

There are many benefits to preventive blood testing such as:

  1. Establish healthy baseline values.
  2. Identify disease processes at an early stage.
  3. Serves as a pre-anesthetic health screen for any surgical or dental procedure. (Good for 3 months)
  4. Tailor medications to your pet’s specific needs.

Types of Blood testing:

CBC: Evaluates red blood cell, white blood cells and platelets.

Chemistry: Provides vital information about the internal organ function that cannot be determined from a physical examination.

Thyroid: Based on initial examination and history, this test may be recommended to evaluate thyroid function. If abnormalities are found, we may recommend additional tests.


FOR DOGS – Specific

HEARTWORM TEST (Vetscan HW/Lyme/E.Canis Test)

Recommended yearly. A large percentage of dogs (and Cats) not on prevention are infected with heartworms — a fatal disease of the heart and lungs. This disease is also carried by wild dogs, foxes, coyotes and wolves. Preventive medications are very effective, but not perfect. Early detection is the key to successful treatment.

FOR CATS – Specific


Recommended yearly for at risk cats. Cats that go outdoors or cats exposed to other cats of unknown status (such as in boarding kennels or grooming shops) should be tested yearly, especially if more than one cat lives in the home.

FOR DOGS & CATS – Monthly


Fleas will be active when the temperature reaches 45 degrees. Fleas and ticks cause allergic dermatitis leading to skin infections. They also carry several blood parasites that can seriously affect your pet. Prevention is far easier and less expensive than treatment.