Pre-Surgical Information

If you are having a surgical procedure with us:  Dental, Neuter, Spay, Growth Removal, etc, this information should help put your mind at ease.

The night before surgery:
● No food after 12 PM midnight.
● Leave water out all night.  Your pet is allowed to drink normally.

The morning of surgery:
● No food the morning of the surgical procedure.
● Leave water out as normal.  Your pet is allowed to drink normally.
● Surgery admission is between 8:15AM – 8:45AM.  We will go over surgical consent forms and estimates.
● Please plan on spending about 15 minutes with us. Please bring any special plush toys and/or blanket with you.  We can keep these items in the kennel with your pet while in the hospital.  Make sure it is an item that can be washed if necessary.
● Typically surgery discharge is between 4PM – 6PM.  When the procedure is completed and your pet is in recovery, we will call you and give you a specific discharge time.