Surgery Intake & Consent Form

General Questionnaire we always ask at each appointment.
  • Coastal Veterinary recommends pre-anesthesia blood work for all surgical procedures. This is not mandatory for pets under the age 5, but highly recommended. Pre-anesthesia blood work is a precautionary measure. A similar protocol is followed in human hospitals before undergoing surgery. The chemistry profile gives us a diagnostic view of the pet, helping in the detection of certain organ function abnormalities that may not be noted on exam. Undetected compromise of liver and kidneys may lead to anesthetic complications or a worsening of a pre-existing organ problem. The complete blood count (CBC) gives us a view of the animal's white and red blood cell activity. White blood cell information gives us an indication of underlying infection or inflammation. Red blood cell data allows us to detect anemias or other disorders. 
  • Please include the brand and amount of food and how often you feed in a day. (example: Purina Pro Plan 1 cup twice a day)
  • Ex: Heartgard / Nexgard / Seresto collar /etc
  • Please include the medication name, the amount, and the dosage you are administering. (example: Rimadyl 25 mg - 1 tablet once daily)